Prosveshchenie corporate website

Сoncept, UX/UI, motion design for a national educational integrator

The Prosveshchenie Group is a leader in integrated learning, development and leisure products.

The client approached us for redesign of a corporate website with ready-made prototypes. Our task was to visually distinguish Prosveshchenie from competing educational platforms, uniting all the company's projects with a single corporate identity.


In the analytics stage, we followed a native design methodology and focused on the CJM (Customer Journey Map) of each target group. Based on the results of the B2B and B2C simulated usability testing, we identified the major issues faced by website users. For example, the time-consuming process of finding webinars for parents. The solution was to add a "smart search" feature to the homepage header.


It was crucial for the client to reflect the brand's positioning not as an ordinary EdTech project, but as a unique ecosystem. We wanted to show the scale of the company, whose activities go beyond an educational platform, so we used an atypical digital identity and introduced new technological entities: monolithic 3D objects and abstract geometric figures.


The website made an animated video its calling card, for which we developed a creative concept.

Education is a movement: from stage to stage, from simple to complex. The ball, the main character of the video, symbolizes the inner world of a child who is looking for their way in life through learning and cognition of the world.


The new identity highlighted the brand's tech focus, breathing new life into its visual narrative and communication with its target audience.


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