NLMK products landing webpages

Corporate website, digital brandbook, design system

NLMK Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products.

The company manufactures a variety of steel products for a specific audience segment. We had to figure out how to present product groups in digital, leveraging emotional communication in the B2B segment. To do so, we developed a series of promo-style product pages.


The primary challenge was to create a generic block system that can be scaled and adapted to other products. The block system should consistently disclose information about the products, features, benefits, applications, certification, ESG agenda and have an application form.


For each product, we had to think of a unique visual solution within a single recognizable style of the NLMK brand. The company is focused on the technology development and innovation, and it was important to take this into account. We drafted two concepts at the selection stage: the first one about the subdued corporate style with a minimal amount of graphics, and the second one about bold visual solutions with an accent layout and amplitude grid. We picked the second concept.

Brand colors are used as supporting colors and are responsible for the overall style, but each product group has its own accent color: blue for KRUT screws, green for rubble, red for hot-rolled steel, etc.

Vivid design with the preservation of a single brand style allows each product to stand out from the others in a special way.


The template block system we developed can be applied to any type of product, whether it’s rolled steel, self-tapping screws, or raw materials for road construction. Using such a system, you can quickly create new promotional pages for other company products, reuse blocks, and manage the content of existing webpages from the admin panel without the need to involve developers.


The interface is not cluttered, but is augmented with interactive elements that highlight important information. The blocks are animated in different ways to keep the user’s attention for as long as possible.


All the system’s web pages serve the same purpose: they present the product in an interesting way and motivate the audience to buy it. Visual solutions translate the company’s technological sophistication and emphasize compliance with international quality standards.


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