Mandarin Oriental Residences

Design concept, UX/UI

Mandarin Oriental offers luxurious residences in the heart of Moscow from real estate developer Capital Group.

Moscow’s largest real estate developer has created a landmark project — Russia’s first branded deluxe class residences and Mandarin Oriental hotel, under the management of the global hotel operator Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.


The project was nearing completion, and the developer planned to launch sales through a new website. We had to come up with a design concept that would reveal the premium nature of the residential complex and demonstrate the unique advantages of the finished apartments.

Key Idea

The exceptional location, the accuracy of every detail, the impeccable service — all this forms the worth proposition of Mandarin Oriental. Each client undergoes a “casting” before joining the project. Once a client is “cast”, they become a member of an elite club and the owner of a rare apartment format with world-class service. These key values establish the elements of the design concept.

Design solution

It was essential for the client to retain elements of the brand identity in the website design, so we incorporated the signature gold color into the typography, and animated the fan graphic sign in the preloader and individual blocks on the website. The typography is primarily minimalist through the use of a single font in two variations — Quercus Light grotesque for the headlines and Quercus Sans for the body text.

Home Page

Using a series of photos and videos, we have built a first-person narrative about the object with a smooth dive into the story of the architecture, landscaping, interior decoration of the residences. The story is not a simple checklist describing the advantages in order, but a vivid story about the uniqueness of the project.

Structure and navigation

We designed the navigation as part of the overall narrative so it doesn’t interrupt the user, but organically complements their knowledge of the project. The home page blocks have convenient links to the relevant sections. The information is structured and deliberately located throughout the page, announcing all the benefits of the complex.

Internal pages

The internal pages reveal in detail each of the benefits outlined on the home page. For example, the «Architecture» page tells about the unique solutions in the exterior designed by the team of the famous architect Sergey Skuratov.

Facts about architecture are complemented by clippings from interviews, from which you can learn about the architect’s inspiration by Byzantine motifs and desire to combine Eastern and Western traditions in the exterior of buildings.


Mandarin Oriental is a one-of-a-kind residential complex where everything is thought out in detail. We have developed a creative concept that supports the noble spirit of the complex and reveals the worth proposition for future residents in a special way.


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