Zolotoy Residential Complex

Design concept, UX/UI

Zolotoy is an elite residential neighborhood in the center of Moscow with a unique history.

Elite complex in the historic center of the capital across from the Kremlin offers luxurious apartments and penthouses with magnificent panoramas of Moscow.


We were to develop a design concept that describes the architecture and advantages of the residential complex, its location and landscaping, interior design and apartment characteristics, referring to the historical heritage of the area.

Design solutions

The nobility and sophistication of the Zolotoy complex prompted us to dig deeper into art history to find the right visuals for a pictorial framework. The Gold period paintings by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt most vividly convey the style of the apartment complex. Developing the concept, we decided to combine elements of Gustav Klimt’s golden period paintings with patterns of Byzantine ornaments. The fusion of the two visual motifs underlying the main graphic element reflects the sophistication and individuality of the architectural style of the residential complex.


The graphic sign has several variations of patterns that are used in the preloader and as design elements on the website.

Home Page

The historical significance of the neighborhood is indicated by the timeline metaphor on the home page. Horizontal scrolling gradually immerses the user in the history of the complex.


The apartment complex is surrounded by recognizable historical monuments with a long and rich history. A detailed map and a brief note about each of the monuments reveals the unique heritage of the neighborhood in which Zolotoy is located.

Internal pages

The interior pages are designed in a minimalist style, so that the user’s attention is focused on the essentials ─ the facts about the complex, the options for apartments and layouts, the landscaping details.


The Zolotoy Residential Complex is a place with its own history and value. We managed to create a design that reflects, develops and enriches this value, bringing it to the users of the website and the residents of the residential complex.


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