Vympel Group corporate website

The Vympel Group develops innovative solutions for the tasks of quality control and measurement of gas consumption, data collection, process control and autonomous power supply of systems using renewable energy sources.

Brand communication is built around the scientific and technical potential of the company, as well as solutions for the oil and gas industry.

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1 place. Website of an industrial/EC company or dealer


Silver. Best 3D animation


Best corporate website


We based our creative concept on the presentation of equipment and solutions using 3D models and their advantages. All the products necessary for the development of a digital project were made by our studio.

We focused on a convenient and concise presentation of information: large navigation elements, a clear grid and large typography. As a result, we managed to adapt 30 years of experience and high scientific and technical potential to the modern digital environment.

3D modeling


Inner pages

Photos and videos

We shot a video showing the SPA’s competencies and production facilities Pennant, and placed it on the main page.


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