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Umatex Rosatom corporate website

UMATEX Group is a Russian leader in the production of carbon fiber, part of the ROSATOM State Corporation.

Photo/video shoot of sites was arranged specially for the project, in a total of 4 locations in different regions of the country. A large amount of different graphic materials was used showing the benefits and diversity of the use of carbon fiber (infographics, 3D graphics of industries, product illustrations).

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2nd place. Best innovative service - production line interface

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Bronze. Best site


It was around the innovative product and its application that the creative concept of the site was built. Also, our team has developed all the text content, in particular complex technical articles for 12 branches of application.

Inner pages


Our team has drawn a lot of illustrations that allow us to demonstrate the technical indicators of the company’s products in an accessible way.

From a technical point of view, it is a fully adaptive website assembled using Canvas technologies, seamless transitions between pages, and a well—configured content loading system. For the fastest possible operation of the site in Asian countries and China, a CDN system has been implemented.