Vympel branding

The Vimpel Group is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of intelligent measuring systems and automation systems with ultra-low energy consumption for the oil and gas industry.

Our task was to present the company’s key technology, the phonon diagnostics method, which has no analogues, in an accessible and effective way. This is a proprietary patented technology that allows you to detect cracks, leaks, corrosion of objects without stopping technological processes.


The brand name is based on symbols reflecting the company’s activities: refraction of rays (hygrometers of NPO Vimpel are based on the laser-condensation measurement method (reflected mirror method)) and parts of the carbon crystal lattice (production of natural gas extraction, transportation and distribution systems). The sign also acts as the Latin letter «V» in the name of the company — VYMPEL

Identity Design

The corporate identity focuses on minimalism, where the main thing is the product and the solutions offered by the company. The blue color conveys the brand’s values — reliability, practicality and rationality. The font visually echoes the brand name, similar lines, angles are used, there are no serifs. The font looks confident and active at the same time.

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