Promotional website for the Sergei Vinogradov exhibition

Creative design and development of a promotional website for the exhibition "Sergey Vinogradov. Life painted"

Sergey Vinogradov was a brilliant painter, the author of lyrical landscapes and genre paintings on the subjects of rural and noble life in Russia in the early twentieth century.

In September 2020, the Museum of Russian Impressionism presented the exhibition “Sergey Vinogradov. Painted Life”, dedicated to the brilliant Russian painter. We had to develop a promotional website for the upcoming event.

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Key message

The promotional website is a support for the artist’s exhibition. We decided it was important not just to highlight the event, but to show the artwork, talk about the author’s life and reveal his personality. The unhurried narration about the biography and creative work of the author tells fully not only about the exhibition, but also about Sergey Vinogradov as a person.


We have chosen a chronological timeline for the website. As you scroll, paintings appear in parallel with the artist’s biography. The viewer has the opportunity to see each of the paintings on a larger scale while maintaining the quality of the image. Each painting corresponds to the time period in which it was created.


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