Aimchess' promotional website

Product research and a landing page for a chess coaching application, designing a 3D identity from scratch

Aimchess is a learning application designed to improve chess performance.

Our was to create a new landing page to demonstrate the service and attract customers.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


Honorable Mention

Golden Site

3rd place. The best one-page website or lending

Golden Site

1st place. Startup site

Runet Rating

1st place. Best site in a foreign language


The design and the structure of the new landing page are based on the features of the service. In order to make Aimchess stand out from its competitors, it was necessary to show not the subject of the product (chess), but its unique nature. The structure had to remain simple and intuitive, so as not to distract the user from the company’s value proposition.


We started working on the project by analyzing and shaping the design approach. During this stage, we became users of the service, which gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the product and get a full understanding of it first-hand. We also discussed the service’s development strategy with the client, and studied the specifics of the target audience and the competitive market.

Based on the data obtained, our team shaped the company’s profile and the website’s objectives, and determined the tone of voice of the brand —modern and friendly. In addition, the result of this stage was a set of visual techniques that we turned to at the production stage.

Design concept

The web page interface uses a block structure that allows for a consistent narrative of the service’s components. The design also supports the tone of voice of the company thanks to a series of 3D models neatly woven into the product story.


The friendly character with antique theme continuity and the chess pieces visually appear cuddly. They look simple and modern, with no unnecessary details. From the first glance at them, the user can understand the essence of the service and compare it with their own expectations from the product.


An intuitive, minimalistic interface with colorful accents in the form of 3D shapes allows the user to explore the service information step-by-step and focus on its value proposition. A clear web page design is able to drive lead generation, which can help a business reach the next level.


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