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Uralchem agricultural products website

Product website, product catalog, semantic design

Uralchem is a leader in agronomic and industrial expertise and a reliable partner for long-term cooperation

The company updated its brand book and approached us for a new website that would tell the story of the brand and reflect its positioning and ideology


The primary goal of the website is to attract new consumers and sell the company’s products. In addition to high-performance fertilizers, Uralchem offers comprehensive solutions for the agricultural business, using its extensive experience in agriculture and the development of digitalization. In order to fully reflect the company’s value proposition, it was important to present the information in a structured way and make the website visually pleasing and easy to use.


The analysis phase was crucial to the design of the product website. We used benchmarking and competitive environment research, as well as Webranking recommendations, as the primary methods of analysis. These methods help identify the strengths and weaknesses of similar oriented websites and select constructive solutions based on global digital practices.

In addition, we added SEO optimization capabilities to the website. It took an extensive period of analyzing metrics and traffic, such as: visitor, pageview, and visit. Based on the data obtained, the optimal website structure was established.


We reflected the brand’s stability and innovation through contrasts in the visual language. On the one hand, it is subdued and laconic: there are no impositions that could distract the user from the company’s sales and marketing message. On the other hand, there’s a certain playfulness in the product elements, which is expressed in lush shades of yellow, green, and red. Vivid pictures of crops on the home page create clear associations for the key consumers of the website’s products — large agricultural companies and private farmers.

Identity development

We complemented the clean and light design with Uralchem’s brand identity. Early on we had a small brandbook with such elements as gradients, icon stylistics and fonts. Based on these, we created our own gradients and a set of icons, which, combined with smooth animation, provided bright accents.


The project was implemented using CMS Bitrix. The front end stack of the project (Pug, TypeScript and SCCS) was complemented by Barba.js library for smooth SPA transitions. We opted away from template solutions in the home page layout, as they would have made the page very generic. Thus came animated blocks with large promotional elements and smooth micro-interactions.


The new website fully meets the business goals and needs of Uralchem’s target audience. Not only did we make it memorable and intuitive, but we also transferred the project from Tilda to Bitrix.