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Brand platform, digital identity, website and technical support for a Russian federal trading platform

TEK-Torg is a federal electronic trading platform that provides a full-cycle service for procurement participants.

TEK-Torg differs from other federal platforms in that it ensures seamless and high-quality interaction between customers and suppliers of various sizes. Moreover, the company helps each client at all stages of the procurement process through an ecosystem of useful services: analytical tools, legal support, training.
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Active growth of the company, expansion of the pool of clients and services entailed the need to extend the company’s presence in the digital environment. TEK-Torg approached us with the task of updating its website, which should take into account the variety of available services and ensure a fast and intuitive procurement process for each audience segment.


TEK-Torg is building its positioning around being human-centric, and this inspired us to create a user-friendly, high-quality and accessible work tool for all participants in the procurement process. After conducting UX and UI research, we came to the conclusion that we needed to design new page logic and user interaction paths.

Block structure

We decided not to split the sections for customers and suppliers individually, but to focus on the functionality. All information about the types of procedures, services, and training announcements are grouped together and formatted into blocks. The block structure is traceable on every page of the website for easier perception.

Digital identity

An unobtrusive Suisse Intl was chosen as the primary font. The color palette of shades of blue is balanced by minimalist brand-inspired images. Photostyle, typography, graphics, and color complement each other, creating a sense of simplicity, straightforwardness, and transparency in procurement operations.

TEK-Torg’s identity needed to be evolved and adapted to the digital environment. Working on the visual solution, we took the company’s trademark as the basis and came up with several variants of graphics using the counterform technique, which are used in the interface, mailing lists and other promotional materials.


The tricky part of the development phase was the need to support older browsers, such as IE11. Building the pages was done by connecting and in parallel refining the customer’s API. The final project was built using Next.js on Laravel.

Section pages

TEK-Torg works with major customers such as Rosneft, Inter RAO, and Russian Railways. Separate section pages are provided for them, and we needed to organically blend the corporate style of these companies into the unified style of TEK-Torg. For this purpose, we used images associated with the sections and branded accent colors: yellow for Rosneft, red for Russian Railways and orange for Inter RAO.

Identity development

Identity designed for digital, is easily adaptable and designed for widespread use, including offline media.


The new website for TEK-Torg is a modern procurement platform and service system that provides organizers of procurement and suppliers with a convenient and high-quality tool for interaction.


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