Ash-tau's promotional website

Promotional website, 3D visualization and depth map for the natural mineral water brand

Ash-Tau is a natural mineral water brand from the Caucasus Mountains.

The company approached us with the task of presenting the brand story, showcasing the key benefits of the product and attracting new b2b and b2c segment buying customers.

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Focus on positioning

Ash-Tau is the brand of mineral water from the Caucasus, a region with pristine nature and the purest mountain water. The spirit and traditions of the Caucasus as key values were the starting point in the design creation.

The natural anti-stress formula of the water allows you to slow down despite the frantic rhythm of the city, and the vital minerals restore your strength.


The narrative structure of the page ensures effective communication with the user and gradually brings them closer to the purchase through emotional attachments.

On the home page we placed a depth map of where Ash-Tau mineral water is extracted. This visualization allows you to instantly immerse yourself in the space of Caucasian springs.


The promotional website reveals the philosophy of the Ash-Tau mineral water brand and provides relevant buying information for the B2B and B2C segment.


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