Hi, Rockits! promotional website

Naming, a new brand platform, visual identity and website development for an IT recruitment company

Hi, Rockits! — is an IT recruiting agency that has been spotting talent for 14 years.

The company asked us to help completely reboot the brand image, move away from the previous naming and update the positioning in the IT recruitment market. To do this, we developed a new platform and visual style that speaks the same language as both the potential customer and the job seeker.

Through immersion in internal culture and qualitative research, we have concluded that the personality of the company is determined by the people who work in it.

People from Hi, Rockits! are always on a drive, positively disposed and charged for the result. This attitude to work has become the primary idea of the brand.

We tried to convey the energy emitted by people within the company in the identity through a color that we called “Energy Rockits”.

“Hi, Rockits!” Is a complex but emotional name. “Hi” immediately introduces the brand through an emotional and open welcome, while “Rockits” conveys the dynamics of the agency’s team and their focus on results.


The manifestation of this very trait of Energy Rockits is also transmitted in logomotion. The logo paired with a waving hand sets the dynamics of the movement. The bevels of the letters and palms are directed upwards on a diagonal. They show a simple and straightforward metaphor for the growth and continuous development of a company, which is an integral part of the IT industry.

The new color ideologically laid down on the brand carriers, showing the inner strength and determination of the team.

A friendly and welcoming palm has become the basis of the bold and daring lines of the pattern and brand element that emphasize the design of the layouts and allow the brand to be identified paired with the Energy Rockits color.

The accent pattern can be broken down into separate elements, which continues the development of a new corporate identity.

For the digital environment, we have prepared basic elements so that they are easily scalable, flexible, and, with the help of simple graphic combinations, make the brand image recognizable.

The new branding came out with a pronounced emotional component. When he meets him, he conveys the friendly, open and honest attitude characteristic of the agency, creating the connection between the client and the recruiting team.

Hand gestures were another aspect of the identity development. They were an extension of the idea of a waving palm from the logo. Different variants of gestures allow to identify the Hi, Rockits! brand in business correspondence and create a mood of informal communication.

The new branding has a pronounced emotional component. It conveys the agency’s inherent friendly, open and honest attitude, creating the right rapport between the client and the recruiting team.

The agency, formerly known as Star Staff, has been in IT recruiting for 14 years. The company recruits specialists for medium and large enterprises, as well as startups. They close the competencies and the need for resources to find IT specialists, so that clients do not have to grow such expertise internally. But at the same time, it was possible to close these positions as soon as possible.


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