Korsar's corporate website

E-shop website development, video production and 3D graphics for a protective case manufacturer

Korsar is the largest manufacturer and supplier of professional protective cases and special purpose containers.

The company manufactures cases and containers for transportation, operation, and storage of special equipment. Korsar takes the leading position in the Russian market of protective cases, enclosures and high-tech containers.

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Golden Site

2nd place. Best site for business, b2b

Golden Site

3rd place. Best company or service design


3rd place. Best site about industry

Key idea

The creative concept was built around the idea of strength and reliability of the cases, manifested in different environments: water resistance, tightness, and resistance to temperature fluctuations.


The website, on the one hand, solves the problem of company positioning, on the other hand, provides a convenient service for learning about the products and ordering.

Internal pages

Some internal pages combine horizontal and vertical scrolling. This creates a sense of traveling through the website as you interact with it

Online shop

In addition to pages describing the company and its activities, we have also implemented a built-in online store with a convenient side-scrolling navigation on the corporate website.


3D modeling and motion design

The videos and 3D graphics are fully developed by our team. They allow you to see the details of the product more precisely.


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