Air Force's promotional website

Naming, SMM guideline, digital identity and digital catalogue website for a carbon fairing manufacturer

Airforce is a manufacturer of aerodynamic fairings for motorcycles.

The company approached us with the task to develop a comprehensible identity and a convenient website featuring a product catalog. The target audience of the brand is true connoisseurs of motorsports and urban riders.


The positioning is based on the two components of the brand archetype according to the Censydiam model — leadership and vitality. «Use it to win» is a slogan that succinctly and coherently describes the essence and value of Airforce.


The identity was aimed at setting itself apart from the competition and maintaining its own image in the market. In the racing and sports industry, everyone is used to seeing bright colors, often red and black, slanted fonts. We aimed to keep the style of the field, but find something unique.

The font was chosen from 30 variants. Codec Cold was a perfect fit for the concept. It’s fast-paced, modern, and easily scalable.

Graphical metaphor

A direct metaphor for aerodynamics, speed, and excellence is reflected in the stealth aircraft. The aircraft itself is built on a flying wing aerodynamic scheme with a V-shaped plumage.

The V sign formed the basis of the logo, graphics, and patterns. It provides recognition and distinctive identity for the company. The patterns are designed to convey the visual image of carbon fiber and its structure, they communicate agility and movement.

Corporate colors

The colors highlight the value and significance of the product in the world of sport. The end product allows athletes to train better and improve speed performance. Ruby red is an expression of speed, passion, drive, and strength. Dark purple is about confidence and individuality.


We have developed a catalog that is easy to use for both the beginner and the professional. The catalog offers a separate segmentation of motorbike components for city and sport. There is a filtering by models and types of components, as well as by materials. After switching to a particular brand, the user is shown a list of models for that brand.


As a result, the carefully crafted identity and website reflect Airforce’s core brand value — all things being equal, it is we who give the edge. It’s our bodywork that saves the fraction of a second needed to win.


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