Retn website

Corporate platform and digital branding for the international telecom operator

RETN is the leading international data transmission platform with the unique ability to connect Europe and Asia in one network.

The client’s primary task was to redesign the website while maintaining the current functionality and developing a new identity. In the process, the project evolved into a comprehensive approach with designing user paths, revising the structure of the website and adding new pages, sections, modal windows.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


Honorable Mention

The primary problem

Before working on the website, it was necessary to understand how the brand could look in digital and solve its problems through the functionality of the future platform. We did serious analytical work — we studied the market and sector, the target audience and the client’s business.

The data collected about the company and understanding the needs of the audience helped to create a clear informational structure of the website and implement the design concept in the right way.

Key idea

The new corporate website should be, first and foremost, convenient for the client. Therefore, a smart search tool was implemented to help the user find the necessary information or services faster.

In order to reflect the nature of the brand, we decided not to describe the company through product features, but to build the concept around its personality. For this purpose, we turned to the brand’s identity.


We adapted the company’s brandbook, corporate colors, graphics and geometric patterns to anchor the brand identity in digital. Large letters, repetitive elements, bright colors reflect the scale of the company and its convincing position in the market.

About us page

We created a minimalist design with an emphasis on typography and strict layout. Smooth animation allows the brand to be presented in a user-friendly format. The concept can be easily transformed for business tasks and does not lose its efficiency in case of the company’s growth.

Product and solution pages

The product page is targeted at technical professionals, while the solutions page is targeted at an audience with no technical background.

The style is easy to implement in typography and is still as expressive.


The design concept of the project was laid on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the company, its target audience and competitors. The interface (large typography, Swiss layout, bright colours and native animation) reflects the nature of the brand and its values. The website is comprehensible not only for technical specialists thanks to the division into product and solution pages.


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