Branding for the Plati Chastyami service

Graphic design for the new BNPL service: logo, motion graphics, brandbook

“Plati Chastyami” (rus. Pay in Parts) is a BNPL service that allows you to enjoy your desired purchase right now and pay for it gradually.

A straightforward mechanism of dividing the payment into equal parts, no interest and no overpayments ensures the most favorable and simple conditions for using the service. These values are graphically embodied in the design of a square, which is always stable and predictable.


Equal payment parts are visualized using four circles. Symmetrically arranged circle shapes are the most comfortable for perception. By using a counterform, one of the parts is highlighted as a separate entity—this is a reference to round coins, checkpoints, the percent sign (%), and the digit 0.


By using gradients, we aimed to 'soften' and make the sharpness of geometric graphics more light and friendly. The warm palette of green, yellow, and orange emits light, creates a pleasant volume of shapes, and evokes a sense of involvement in something new and interesting.


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