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Pilot corporate website

The Pilot Group produces its own solutions in the field of software and hardware, implements a range of business applications from process automation to enterprise-level management systems and integrates IT products from other developers.

As part of the work on the project, we were faced with the task of developing a resource that would represent the Pilot Group in the virtual space. It was important to structure information about the company, solutions and products in as much detail as possible, to focus on its concise and simple presentation.

Main concept

To make the process of finding solutions as comfortable as possible, the user is provided with semantic blocks with a choice of business automation services. The clean and minimalistic design of the website draws the audience’s attention to important elements and solutions for commercial enterprises.


3D modeling


What is important, SKY-POS equipment is suitable both for small stores of the «at home» format with one or two cash desks, and is able to effectively prove itself in large networks of regional and federal scales.

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