PenzGidroMash's website

Design system, corporate website development with creative 3D product integration, SEO optimization

PenzGidroMash designs, manufactures and maintains non-standard tank equipment and systems for the oil, gas and chemical industries.

The primary task of the PenzGidroMash website is to present the company’s technological solutions in a simple and clear manner, and the old website did not handle it well. Therefore, we were faced with the task of creating a flexible design system that considers different types of content.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


Site of the day. Developer Site. Honorable Mention.

Golden Site

2nd place. Website of an industrial/EC company or dealer


Bronze. Best Interactive Solution/Animation

Runet Rating

3rd place. Industry and equipment


On the one hand, the home page promotes the company as an expert in the complex capacitive equipment development, and on the other hand, it presents the company’s technological capabilities.

3D models

According to the customer’s drawings, realistic 3D models of the equipment were developed, with design features and cutting of technological layers. Renders are used to illustrate the catalog and in other communication channels.

Internal pages

The company is actively using the website as a promotion tool, so we paid special attention to the quality of SEO.


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