KRUT product website for NLMK

Promotional webpage, digital identities and engaging animations to engage with NLMK’s products

NLMK Group is an international manufacturer of high—quality steel products.

The company needed to develop a landing page for one of the product categories — self-tapping screws, as well as attract new customers and motivate them to buy products. The landing page should be made in a uniform and recognizable brand style.


The goal of the project is to develop a landing page for NLMK products.

Tasks to be solved:

— design in the same style, strong associations with the brand,

— attracting new customers and motivating them to buy products.


In order to create strong associative links with the brand for a potential buyer, it was important to set a uniform color standard at the design stage. Each product has a main accent color, and the supporting colors are responsible for brand awareness and unity of style. Sky blue was chosen as the accent color for the landing of the «Cool» screws. We have brought photos of products and people to adjacent shades: b/w, sepia or muted.

Involving animations, composite blocks and large-scale typography reflects the company’s technology and focuses on compliance with quality standards.

Accent design with the preservation of a single brand style ensures effective communication with the user. Colors, graphics, animation emphasize the advantages of the product and gradually bring the user closer to the purchase due to emotional attachments.

From the point of view of usability, the site has a well-developed structure that takes into account all the needs of the user when choosing products. The website clearly shows the scope of application, the production process, provides all options for specifications and a convenient transition to the order form.


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