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Creative concept, website development and design for NLMK R&D center

The R&D Center is NLMK Group's facility. To maintain its position as a leader in the steel industry, NLMK is actively investing in research into new types of premium steel products.

The company approached us to design a website for one of its divisions, the NLMK Research and Development Center, opened in 2019 to introduce new types of steel products and technologies for various fields. The site should reflect the image of technology and innovation, attract potential customers and partners for cooperation.

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The laboratories of the R&D center are equipped with unique tools that are almost unparalleled among other Russian labs. In-depth research of steel at macro-, micro- and nano-levels is possible thanks to the availability of such equipment. The idea of demonstrating the technological capabilities of the center created the foundation for the future website.

The main screen shows pictures of the steel structure at 300-, 400- and 500-fold magnification, which can only be made with high-precision equipment. It also captures the main idea of the center — creation of perfect steel for key industries on a global level.

The visual metaphor of a microscope unfolds as the user scrolls down the homepage — as if through the prism of a microscope, the user watches a video about the complex's operation, which was fully produced and filmed by our team. The visual style is complemented by animation and 3D graphics, turning the user into a true researcher of the company's high-tech products.

Video, 3D and patterns

Video, 3D, and patterns are fully developed by our team.

3D models illustrate key application areas of the Center's developments. It was important for us to show the scale of the Center's developments' use for industry, construction, energy, ecology, and even household appliances. In addition, we animated a scrollable globe map of the office and laboratories presence, the Center's activities are not limited to Russia — it has labs in other countries as well.

Inspired by the crystal lattice silhouettes of steel structure, we drew over 50 unique patterns and established rules for their use on the inside pages.

We animated an interactive map of the center's geography to illustrate the scope of the project.

With the Virtual Tour, any user can take an interactive tour of the Microstructural Analysis Laboratory. The navigation panel allows you to travel through the rooms and study the technology and equipment used.

We paid special attention to the development of a mobile version of the site for viewing on any device.

Science creates a better future for each of us, and it is important to be involved in this process. The website for NLMK Group's R&D Center broadcasts the image of a modern, high-tech brand and creates an opportunity for effective interaction between potential partners and the R&D Center.

NLMK Group is an international producer of high-quality steel products. Thanks to its self-sufficiency in key raw materials, energy, and high technological capabilities, NLMK ranks among the most efficient steel producers in the world.


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