Neon website

Promotional website development for customized signage rental services. Forming a creative idea based on product 3D models

Neon is a platform for custom signage selection and rental for any business.

The company brings to the market a completely new service for the rental of individual signs. This approach allows small businesses to launch retail outlets without large initial investments. We had the task to develop a website to promote a new service for renting individual signs, as well as a convenient feedback interface.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


Honorable Mention

Golden Site

3rd place. Startup website


Silver. Best promotional site

Key idea

We have found both a striking and simple solution: we have created an opportunity to try on the banner with your name directly on the façade and see how it will look during both day and night.

3D models

To implement the central idea, we developed 3D models of the façades in day and night light. They allow us to visualize the fitting of the signboards, thus creating a pleasant interactivity on the website.

We also made an original 3D illustration for the 404 page. Another nice bonus for the user.


The use of the new Google Web P format and dynamic loading of both content and scripts allowed us to optimize the loading speed of the website and get a score of 100/100 on Google Page Speed for both mobile devices and desktops.


As part of the new website, we have developed a rental calculator. With its help, a potential customer will be able to determine the price acceptable for them, the characteristics of the sign that corresponds to it, as well as immediately place an order. The calculator allows us to increase the level of customer confidence and reduce the load on the company’s call center.


Presentation of a brand-new service on the market requires a fresh and striking design. The website for Neon has unconventional interactivity and a user-friendly interface, which helps to increase the number of potential customers of the company.


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