London Express online school website

An online service with a personal account, digital identity and 3D characters for an English language school chain

London Express is a language school network with its own teaching methodology and unique educational experience.

We were to develop an online service that focuses on the progress of each student’s education, compared to other educational services on the market, which prioritize the development of their own platforms.

Special Kudos

Golden Site

1st place. Website of the educational institution

Golden Site

3rd place. Best website for consumers, b2c


Best educational website

ADCR Awards

Honorable Mention


A friendly and open tone of voice is the basis of the design. The website’s welcoming image has become a point of attraction and retention for new clients. Its primary task is to convert incoming traffic into an enrollment request for a trial lesson and registration in the service.

3D models

A series of 3D characters and models supports the overall theme of the project. Bright and open, they are a part of the company’s unique visual code. With such characters it’s not scary to fail. They inspire to move forward, which is essential for the brand’s audience.

Internal pages

Different sections of the website are designed for specific target groups. In each one, the barriers to language learning are addressed step-by-step.

Online platform

The learning service is engaging and supportive. It makes the educational process easy and natural and allows each student to move at their own pace.

Personal account

A personal account provides each student with video lessons, chat with the teacher, and exercises. The automatic grade scale allows students to track and build on their progress at every stage. A personalized result increases students’ confidence and motivates them to continue learning.


The platform’s service and features are available on any mobile device. This makes it possible to practice at a convenient time, be in touch with a teacher from anywhere in the world, and integrate learning into everyday life.


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