Corporate website of ER-Telecom

Website and digital identity development for a telecom company. Design of a range of corporate pages for partners

ER-Telecom is a leading Russian telecommunications company

The company provides broadband Internet access, telephony and TV under brand, and implements a nationwide project on construction of IoT network and deployment of wireless LoRaWAN networks.

Special Kudos


Honorable Mention

Golden Site

3rd place. Best website for business (b2b)


The client’s initial task is to build communication with multiple target audiences, from investors and government agencies, to end consumers.

When designing the corporate website, it was important not to deviate from the company’s design code. It determined the choice of color scheme, additional elements and general style of the project.

Internal pages

We have developed website sections for each target group of the company’s clients. Each of them describes the company’s services and their benefits in detail.

Corporate pages

We also designed a number of corporate pages for the company’s partners and investors. These pages provide detailed information about the company in a structured and interactive way.


3D models and motion design

For the project, our team has developed several 3D models and videos, which are used to create a striking cover of the homepage and the design of the website as a whole.


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