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AZIMUT Hotels today is one of the largest international hotel chains in Russia and one of the most dynamically growing and developing brands.

Our task was to develop a website that is both a convenient tool for choosing and booking a room and an effective brand communication channel reflecting the unique features and advantages of AZIMUT Hotels.

The dominant design concept is the principle of functionality, which serves as a continuation of the smart concept — the main direction of development of AZIMUT Hotels. A clean, easy interface, variable layout, in-depth work with information and photo materials create the necessary «invisible» design that allows you to focus on the process of choosing a number.
Golden Site

2nd place. Hotel website


The interfaces include the best and most suitable UX/UI solutions based on the analysis of websites and services of leading companies in the industry, both on the Russian and international market.

Main page

The main page is the entry point for all key sections of the site: reservations, hotels, special offers, network-wide sections: loyalty program and events.

The main screen is designed taking into account the main user scenarios: booking, searching for information on hotels.

Especially for the site, we have prepared a series of author’s icons and branded illustrations in the smart style.


The network-wide internal pages are made within the framework of the design concept of the site. There is a call to action on all pages. Following the principles of the smart concept, the call organically flows into the interaction scenarios and is not an intrusive element. Taking care of the user is manifested in careful work with information.

Inner pages

For the pages of the hotel’s subsections, page templates were designed and developed in the main areas: AZIMUTSport, Restaurants, Gallery, Events, Special Offers. The advantage of all AZIMUT Hotels is their central location. This helps hotel guests to see the city from the best side. Useful information about the city and attractions can be found on the pages of cities.


The development of the website included the implementation of an online booking system. We have fully designed the interaction logic, developed interfaces and screen design, and then implemented the booking functionality taking into account the specifics of interaction with the internal network system.

Hotel page

The website broadcasts the corporate values of the brand, among which a unified approach to work and service standards common to all hotels are important. At the same time, each hotel in the network is unique in its own way. The site provides for a certain autonomy of hotels from both conceptual and structural points of view.


When developing the site, we used the Mobile First concept. Mobile devices were taken into account at all stages of website development: in structural and interface design, in design, at the stage of page assembly, implementation of transitions and animations, as well as at the stage of website optimization.


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