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Aquamarine Hotel is located on the embankment of the Drainage Canal in the historical district of the capital — Zamoskvorechye, surrounded by historical and cultural monuments.

We start each new project with deep analytics: studying the target audience, competitors, and the specifics of the company’s work. Work on the Aquamarine website was no exception. We have worked out the scenario of interaction of target groups with the site, developed an information architecture that meets the needs of the audience.

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The peculiarity of the hotel is that it is located in the center of Moscow, close to the main tourist attractions of Zamoskvorechye. It was decided to make this the main feature of the site. Thus, we have a section «City», which will tell all visitors in detail about the must have to visit historical sites located near the hotel.


Since we were developing the hotel’s website, a lot of work was done just to create an online booking service for rooms and Aquamarine services. Each room of the hotel has its own unique characteristics, which we transmit through its description and a large number of photos, they allow the visitor to decide on the right room for them.

The booking process is structured in such a way that visitors can easily book a room with a few clicks from any electronic device, taking into account the location wishes, the window view and its location in the hotel.

Graphic features

On the website, we have focused on a large number of visual images: photos of rooms and the interior of the hotel, a pattern and icons specially drawn for the website, illustrations of the sights of the capital.

We have long had the idea to use artistic graphics in some of the projects. In this project, everything worked out just fine and we managed to work with the artist, create unique images for our website. All illustrations are designed in the general concept of a bright and colorful city.



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