Whoosh E-shop

Website and digital identity for the online shop of the Russian scooter rental market leader

Whoosh is Russia’s largest developer of a kicksharing platform for urban micromobility.

In the years of its presence on the market, the company has been faced with new ambitious tasks. One of them was to enter online retail sector. With this in mind, Whoosh approached us, and so we began work on creating an online shop selling a capsule collection of clothing, accessories and scooters.


The company has undergone a major rebranding, updating its brand platform and identity to reflect its new objectives. Whoosh presents itself as a go-to brand — it helps people in their everyday life, but is in no way the center of it. It was essential for us to make the website clear, user-friendly and at the same time modern and minimalistic.


Within the analytics phase, we investigated the positioning, content and structure of competitors and similar businesses in terms of the website objectives and brand type.

The primary target was online shops of mono-brands and merch of large companies, groups, and bloggers.

The target audience chooses to shop on these websites mainly due to the concept and external attributes of the brand. Generally, the user is already familiar with the company, so the key focus is on the products. This is where the entire narrative and visual support is centered.


The product characteristics are emphasized by a clean, calm design.

There are no complex animations and massive super graphics here, so that nothing distracts users from the essential. Instead, we opted for neat line illustrations. The design is based on the company's new brand book, which we managed to organically fit into the digital environment.

Identity adapting

Underline, the primary graphic element in the brand platform, symbolizes dynamic development and forward movement.

We used it to emphasize the crucial details. The movement metaphor is also expressed through animation in the promo blocks on the homepage, which works well in combination with the brand’s large typography and color palette.

We made the photo style a little more relaxed, visually highlighting the products. For the service pages, minimalist tables made in thin light lines are provided.


The website is made using Tilda, and is integrated with 1C. Due to the clear structure and sleek design, we managed to solve the website’s issues and reflect the key idea, “whoosh for more”.


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