NeuroPort website

Design concept, UX/UI design, motion design, Tilda

NeuroPort is the first Russian medical device implementing the method of translational electrostimulation. It is used for the rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the nervous system.

The company "Meditsinskie Technologii Budushego" ("Medical Technologies of the Future"), the manufacturer of the NeuroPort stimulator, approached us to create a promotional website on Tilda, which would present advantages of its innovative device and talk about the patients’ experiences.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


It was important for us to carefully emphasize the brand communication and the benefits of the device using digital identity.

The device became the basis for the graphics. To demonstrate it clearly, we created 3D models in neutral colors.

The logo has also been updated: it is based on the contours of the device and combined with the name. The color system is represented by pastel colors, with black and blue accents.

The case illustrations are laconic and neat, with references to neural connections. They work well in a quiet, minimalistic layout.


We formed the USP and reflected the value of the device on the homepage. We developed the structure and design concept of the website, which we supplemented with 3D models of the device. As a result, we developed the layout on Tilda.


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