Vympel SGMS promotional website

Development of a promotional website for the Vympel gas measuring equipment. Motion design, interactive 3D model of the complex

Vympel Research and Production Association is a leader in the development and production of automation equipment for gas production, transport and distribution facilities.

SPA Vympel has developed an innovative method designed to globally change the approach to the control of gas measuring equipment in the oil and gas industry: the single-line gas measuring station, abbreviated SGMS.

Website of the day


Honorable Mention


The promotional website we created clearly demonstrates the measurement process and the advantages of the SGMS. We developed a realistic 3D model of an engineering facilities complex and simulated the real-time actions of objects. The highlights of equipment diagnostics were visualised using 3D video.

Home page

3D models and motion design


Interactive panel

The website helps users to familiarize themselves with the operating principles and objects of SGMS in a clear and engaging way. The three-dimensional presentation is installed in 4K format on a multi-touch display and used at exhibition stands.


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