SIBUR's corporate website

Digital adaptation of the new branding. Design and development of the corporate website and branches

Sibur is a key producer of polymers and rubbers and a global leader in petrochemistry.

Being on the cutting edge of innovation, the company radically renewed its brand and, as part of the rebranding, turned to us for the development of a corporate website, adaptation and development of a new identity in digital.


Besides rebranding, there were several other factors that had to be considered: the strengthening of the ESG strategy, the expansion of SIBUR’s presence on international markets, and current trends in corporate website design. All these demands could not be met by creating a typical corporate website. A radically new solution was required.

Key idea

We used a hybrid approach in the design: we combined elements of the corporate and promotional websites. On the main page, where the first contact with the brand takes place, we introduced promotional elements, 3D animation, custom widgets, and horizontal scrolling. But the internal pages remain service ones. They are simple to navigate and provide quick access to information.


The design is based on the company’s updated brand book, which we adapted into digital. We developed the story with graphic patterns of the brand book, developed 3D abstractions on their basis, and animated them on the main page. This implementation conveys the dynamics and innovation of the brand. Corporate colors and elements of the brand identity are also used on the internal pages, diluting the strict grid and the system of template blocks.

By combining approaches, we kept the functionality of the corporate website while seamlessly incorporating brand identity through a visual narrative.

On the home page we have created a general and complete view of the company through the disclosure of three main topics in order of priority: products, company, sustainable development. Consistent information disclosure is achieved by horizontal scrolling.


We’ve made it possible to customize the home page by adding themed widgets in some blocks for easy navigation between sections. This tool is useful for sites with a multi-level segmentation of the target audience, where different product packages are presented for different TAs.


Interactive elements in corporate sites are important not only visually, but also in terms of the perception of information. On SIBUR’s site, we developed a business model of the company’s operations with tooltips in Blender, and made animations separately for each production scheme.

Such visualization shows the scale of the business, production capabilities for different industries, increases the loyalty of potential customers and partners.

In conclusion

Thanks to its unconventional design, the corporate website for SIBUR distinguishes the company from its competitors and conveys the positioning and values of the new brand. Innovation, safety, environmental friendliness, dynamism, and openness are the key messages conveyed by the site’s visual language. The result is fresh and focused on the brand identity.


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