MMK's corporate website

UX-research, design system and digital identity for the website of a leading steel manufacturer

The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the world’s largest steel producers.

The company is responsible for the entire production cycle, from preparation of iron ore raw materials to deep processing of ferrous metals. Our task on the project was to develop a corporate digital identity and a unified design system based on the website prototype.


It was necessary to conduct an internal audit of the website and numerous interviews with stakeholders to form a fresh identity based on established constants—the brand’s logo and its signature colors. The project’s complexity lay in the need to accommodate the wishes and suggestions of a large number of stakeholders within a limited timeframe. To address this, we developed a system of approvals and immutable rules that allowed us to complete the work on time.


During the interviews, we identified the main requirements of the clients regarding the visual and substantive components of the website. At this stage, we also conducted a review of the current website prototype in several aspects: the use of branding, UX/UI, content, and information structure. We analyzed the key sections from the user’s convenience perspective.

The design review included a series of recommendations for design, visual, and informational content. Its results formed the basis of the new website structure. They allowed for detailing the prioritization of information and tasks for each page, leading to the desired call-to-action.

Site Design

The site design stage began with creating user journey maps. We added side menus, filters, guiding pages for logical transitions between sections, and also removed some blocks. We then prioritized the information structure for each of the main pages: home, investors, careers, buyers and suppliers, products, etc.

After finalizing the approach to the overall visual concept and style, we developed the design for 160 pages of the website. The entire set of pages was divided into 6 pools and transferred for coding once a week. To meet the deadlines, we devised a special page approval scheme. For example, while submitting the second pool for approval, we simultaneously worked on the third pool and made adjustments to the first one. This approach allowed us to rapidly create and gain approval from all stakeholders for a large volume of pages and deliver the project on time.


The development and implementation of digital identity are crucial for strengthening the brand’s position and increasing the company’s recognition. The visual identity of MMK was limited to the logo and brand colors. We suggested creating a branded pattern based on the company’s logo—interlocking letters MMK— which could be easily adapted for different block formats and carriers. Rules for using the brand mark, color palette, requirements for photo content, and other style-forming elements were documented in a unified brand book.


In total, a design system was created that incorporates elements of the company’s brand book, updated visual communication, and establishes brand recognition for MMK in the digital environment.


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