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Diatech corporate website

Diatech Research and Production Company has been providing services of technical diagnostics and examination of industrial safety, developing technologies of NDE since 1997.

The task before us was to present the company’s key technology, the phonon diagnostics method, which has no analogues, in an accessible and effective way. This is a proprietary patented technology that allows you to detect cracks, leaks, corrosion of objects without shutting down the technological processes.

Special Kudos. Best Innovation. UI design. UX design.


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Golden Site

2nd place. Website of an industrial/EC company or dealer

Golden Site

3rd place. Best design

Golden Site

3rd place. Best website for business (b2b)


A rigid grid and large typography help to structure information, correctly place accents, and convey technically complex information to the user as simply and concisely as possible.